Thursday, June 24, 2010

The layover.

June 21-22
And we’re off! After leaving home we had 12 hours of traveling, which for most of the team, had a really difficult time sleeping, so the first part of the trip was a bit rough. But we made it through with God’s awesome power. We had a 9-hour layover in Amsterdam and got to walk around the city a bit. We went to Amsterdam Centraal, and found out that it is the also called, City of Bikes. While there is an amazing train and bus transit system, the majority of people ride bikes or motor scooters... and the rebels do it without helmets—take that California helmet law! But then again, the most common accident is tourists getting run over by bike riders, but it is truly a fantastic scene to see a parking garage for bicycles. We walked all around Amsterdam and ending with the Van Gogh Museum and then a sprinter back to the airport. We then boarded another plane that would take us from Amsterdam to Cairo. The 4-hour flight seemed really long but honestly it was our favorite as the pilot made the take off and landing the smoothest out of the three planes we got on. We were greeted by the HUGE city of Cairo with a 3am 81° humidifying sauna and then the short trip to our hotel.

Thank you again so much for the support and prayers that you have given to our team to assist the making of this trip, we are so very grateful. We would ask that you continue to pray for us. Please pray for safety, ease of weather acclimation, and relief from jet lag. Please pray for our hearts and minds to be continually focused on God and not the things that may detract us (weather, sleep, etc.) and that we would continual seek after His purpose for us on this trip; whether that be the people He may place on our hearts, the things He may ask us to do or the actions that He will take to help grow our faith.

Again, thank you—we’ll be updating soon!

- Amanda

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