Monday, May 31, 2010

In Preparation & Prayer...

I've been asking God to prepare my heart for this upcoming ministry trip and these are the concerns I'm asking about:

- To have compassion for everyone I'll be interacting with.
- To see people through God's eyes.
- To not be desensitized to the conditions of what I will be seeing.
- To not have fear when sharing the Gospel, but solely rely on God to work through my weaknesses and fears.
- To not be so quick to offer up solutions when I see them (and offend others in doing so).
- To be mindful and observe their culture without offending.
- To be genuine.
- To not have such a picky palate while I'm there.
- To continue to bond with my fellow teammates.

I ask that you, the readers of this blog, to pray these things for me as well. This is a first for me and I want to bring God glory in this step of faith and obedience.

Praise the Lord! We are around 87% (or a little more) in our funding efforts! God is providing! We have one more garage sale coming up on June 5th and 8 hours of volunteering for the SD rock & Roll Marathon on June 6th to help complete our funding!

Keeping you posted- Tiffany