Monday, June 28, 2010

House visits

June 28-

Today the team finished day two of house visits, the last in the village of El Minia. The team visited 30 families- we broke up into pairs with one translator and a guide from the church with bibles and encouraging cassette tapes and bags of food, which consisted of sugar, pasta, cheese, butter, tea, and a canned meat. After learning about the concerns and history of each family we visited we shared the Gospel with each family using the Evangecube. Most families we visited are church-goers at the local Christian church and they needed encouragement and prayers, which we were happy to do, however, some of the families that we visited were nominal Christians that said they knew Jesus but were really just saying that and did not believe.. There is much sickness, probably to due the harsh living conditions- many homes have no running water (it costs too much), many only have one room for their living quarters, many do not have finished roofs (or are leaky and falling apart). If the families have any livestock, most rent the animals for a year or two and get the benefits of their produce (milk from cows and eggs from chickens)--and since families only own a room or two in a house, the livestock live with them in the house. Some families had goats and donkeys too, but they don't milk the goats (maybe they eat them?). Many floors are mud floors, uncovered (or an occasional rug adorns the floors) and dusty. The families were so hospitable, our guide knew each family we visited and was so open to sharing themselves with us that we got the opportunity to pray for many of them. We were blessed by visiting and sharing Jesus' love with them. Many teams were offered sodas from the families which they had to go out and buy. We tried to refuse, but they were insisted. Even though they have little to no money they have been so gracious and sacrificial. Risa and Tiffany were brought back to their guide's home (Salwat -sp?). We walked in his home and his wife had a meal for prepared for us. This meal included 18" tortillas (soft and hard), hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, some white dipping sauce, and two different kinds of cheese (which are very salty and pungent), and last but not least cantaloupe. They gave with little to give...

Today seemed to flow a little better... we knew what to expect in the way of house visits and it made more of an impression on me (Tiffany). I will post pictures as soon as they get transfered to the computer.

Thank you for your fervent prayers. We are blessed by each of you and can feel the love that you have for us while we are here.

God bless- Tiffany

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  1. praising God for you guys and praying for you. so fun to read!!!